Allisyn Ashley Arm (born April 25,1996)is an American actress.Arm is best known for her role as Zora Lancaster on Sonny with a chance and in Disney Channel's sketch comedy series So Random!

Early life

Allisyn was born on April 25,1996 in Glendale California.


The first acting job she booked was a Bounty commerial that never aired.She start in commerial that did air despite that the Bounty commerial did not aired.In May of 2002 she ws cast for her first tv show :Stong Medicine.She also has role in Man of the house and King of California with Twilight:Ashley Greene.In 2009 Allisyn starred as Zora on Disney channel's original teen sitcom Sonny with a chance created by Steve Marmel and continuing her role after the show was revamp in a sketch comedy, So Random!She also starred in Amber Lily music video for Overloadin with her co-star Audrey Whitby in 2011.

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