Grady Mitchell
Gender Male
Age 16
Professional Information
  Actor, comedian
Friends and Family
Tawni, Chad, Nico, Zora,Sonny Munroe.
Other Information
First Appearance
  "Cody Simpson"
Portrayed by
Doug Brochu

Grady Mitchell is a gullible goof. He and Nico are best friends.


A cast member of So Random!, Grady is best friends with Nico. They can be shown to be a little immature. He is also wacky and full of silliness and is always eager to eat. Together, he and Nico hatch plans such as making money by selling Tawni's trash on the Internet or getting girls by creating an extremely attractive cologne. He has also been shown to believe in the existence of fictional worlds such as Narnia and Pandora. On the Disney Channel site, it says that he is from Orlando, Florida. His father was in the military, and he has a brother, Grant, who constantly teases him for having no girlfriend. He also shares a birthday with Nico. Grady is shown to try to find a way to get Sonny to do his project homework, like Nico and Tawni.

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