Nico Harris is the slick fast-talker of the group. He and Grady are best friends.


One of the primary cast members of So Random!. Grady and Nico always do pranks and wacky things together. He and Grady attempt many pranks but they often fail because (in Tawni's words) they are "full of loud music, bad choreography and things being thrown" as they often copy the movies. The two are shown to be a little immature. He always comes up with ideas that later turn crazy. Nico tries to impress girls in weird ways but he hardly ever seems to succeed. He also has a crush on Mackenzie Falls star Penelope, but she constantly turns him down, and not very nicely. He and Grady manage to make a body-spray that attracts girls but in the wrong way. He was on a one-man show called NICO. His dad is a lawyer. He also shares a birthday with Grady. At the very beginning of Sonny with a Chance, he had a slight crush on Sonny but he grows to only like her as a friend. Whenever he has a project, he tries to find a way to get Sonny to do it for him.

He said that this will be the shows final season.

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