So Random!
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Sketch comedy, Variety

Created by

Steve Marmel

Developed by

Michael Feldman


Tiffany Thornton
Sterling Knight
Brandon Mychal Smith
Doug Brochu
Allisyn Ashley Arm

Opening theme

"So Random!", performed by So Random! cast

Ending theme

"So Random!" (short version)



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So Random! is an American Disney Channel sketch series that premiered on June 5, 2011. It was announced as an independent series after Demi Lovato left the parent series, Sonny with a Chance, to focus on other endeavors.[1] The series stars the other actors of Sonny with a Chance: Tiffany Thornton, Sterling Knight, Brandon Mychal Smith, Doug Brochu and Allisyn Ashley Arm as well as other featured actors that recur in the series. The series premiere was watched by 4.1 million viewers.[2]

On May 2, 2012, Tiffany Thornton said the show was cancelled. [3]

Concept, production and premiseEdit

In Sonny with a Chance, Demi Lovato plays the title character, Sonny Munroe, a new member of the cast of the sketch comedy show So Random!, which is presented as a show-within-a-show. The series follows the experiences of Sonny, and the rest of the cast. The full length sketch comedy episode format was played within Sonny with a Chance during season 2 of the series for the Christmas and Halloween episodes. In October 2010, Lovato underwent treatment for "physical and emotional issues," and in April 2011 she confirmed that she would not be returning to Sonny with a Chance for its third season.[3] She stated that returning to acting immediately wouldn't be healthy for her recovery.[4]

Following Lovato's departure from the series, So Random! was introduced as its own series that will focus more on comedy skits than Sonny with a Chance. Filming for the season began on January 30, 2011.[5] Each episode will feature sketch comedy skits with the So Random! cast, as well as a musical performance by a guest star. Originally intended to be a third season of Sonny with a Chance, Disney began to describe the show as a separate series following Lovato's confirmed departure.[1] It is different from other Disney series in that the audience becomes a part of the show, with more audience interactivity due to the sketch comedy and performances. Each episode typically consists of five or six sketches.


Main castEdit

[1][2]The main cast of So Random!.
(Left to right) Sterling Knight, Tiffany Thornton, Allisyn Ashley Arm, Doug Brochu, and Brandon Mychal Smith.Except for Lovato, the main cast of So Random! is identical to that of its parent series, Sonny with a Chance.[6]

Featured playersEdit

  • Matthew Scott Montgomery[6] as Matthew Bailey
  • Shayne Topp[6] as Shayne Zabo
  • Damien Haas[6] as Damien Johanssen
  • Grace Bannon[6] as Grace Wetzel
  • Bridgett Shergalis[6] as Bridget Cook
  • Audrey Whitby[6] as Audrey Vale
  • Coco Jones as Coco Blue

Guest stars and artistsEdit


So Random! original musicEdit

  • So Random! - Brandon Mychal Smith
  • Socks With Sandals by Footy Scent- Doug Brochu Ft. Brandon Mychal Smith
  • Schooled by Grammar by M.C. Grammar - Brandon Mychal Smith Ft. Tiffany Thornton, Shayne Topp, and Sterling Knight

Musical guestsEdit


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Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season premiere Season finale



June 5, 2011

March 25, 2012

International releaseEdit

Country / Region Channel Series premiere Title in country References
Canada Family June 10, 2011 So Random! [10]
United Kingdom Disney Channel August 2011 (Sneak Peek)
October 2011 (premiere)
[citation needed]
United States Disney Channel June 5, 2011

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